Enjoy a Night of Baseball While Earning Money for your Non-Profit Group

The Dodgers play competitive baseball and will offer the full baseball experience at Joannes Stadium starting with the 2019 summer season.  The Dodgers are Bringing Blue Ribbon Baseball Back to Joannes; bringing family oriented affordable fun to the greater Green Bay community and continuing a tradition going back to the 1940’s.  Come be part of the fun, the next chapter at Joannes and earn money for your non-profit group by helping the Dodgers provide the 3-B’s — Beer  Brats  Baseball — for an outstanding Wisconsin Summer.

The Dodgers are looking for non-profit groups to help in manning the gate and concessions of beer and food.   The Dodgers handle all the resources and management, but need help from non-profit organizations in the community to help with staffing.  In exchange for helping with one or more of the functions for one or more games, the Dodgers will share 50% of the net revenue raised by that function at that game.  Your group can increase the return from your effort by inviting other members of your group to attend the game with a reduced entry fee.  Inviting friends and family only increases the fun and revenue share.

  • Beer Concessions – The first B of the 3-B’s; do we need to say more.  Most nights, beer will be sold by the can so the serving is pretty simple.  We are hoping to have at least a couple of nights with draft beer available.  We are looking for at least 2 to 3 volunteers per game and may need more help on certain promotional nights.  All volunteers must be 18+ and we prefer at least one licensed server (ask us for details/help on the license but go ahead and sign up; the Dodgers will provide the licensed server if your group cannot).  All volunteers should be on hand 1 hour before game start and stay through the end of beer sales at the 7th inning or 10:30 PM latest.  Earn 50% of net revenue for all beer sales (adjusted for promotional discounts) for your non-profit group.
  • Food Concessions – Some cooking may be required on occasion, but otherwise the standard concession expectations.  The menu remains a work in progress but we are keeping it simple yet complete.  We are looking for at 4 to 6 volunteers 16+ years with at least 1 adult present (and to assist with the grill) to make, sell and serve food, snacks and drinks.  All volunteers should be on hand 1 hour before game start and stay through the end of the game.  Earn 50% of the net revenue for all food concessions (adjusted for promotional discounts) for your non-profit group.
  • Working the Gate – Staff the gate, sale and take tickets, manage in/outs, sale programs, raffles, game day rosters and help with any promotion coordination.  We need at 2 to 3 volunteers per game.  All volunteers must be 18+.  All volunteers should be on hand 1-1/2 hours (90 Minutes) before game start and stay through the 5th inning (3rd inning of the second game in a doubleheader).  Earn 50% of the attendance at normal gate price for your non-profit group).  ‘The Gate’ is working both games of a doubleheader.
  • Ball Shaggers – Earn cash for your group by shagging (run down / find / return) foul and home run balls.  We need 3 to 5 volunteers all age 10+ with at least one adult present.  The group shagging will earn $45 per 9-inning game or $30 per 7-inning game ($60 for both games of a doubleheader) worked.  Volunteers should be on hand 15 minutes before game start and stay through the end of the game.

All volunteers receive free admission to the game and you can bring a couple of extra for relief.  The Dodgers are scheduling event managers to manage and help the volunteers.  No training, supplies or experience is required; just show up with a great attitude ready for a fun night of baseball.  Ball Shaggers will be paid in cash at the close of the game.  Other functions will be paid within 14 days of game completion.  For the benefit of the volunteering organization, every effort will be made by the Dodgers to calculate receipts based on the regular, non-promotional cost of any function.

Download the flyer for the Dodgers Paid Volunteer Fundraising to print and review with others.

See the 2019 Dodgers Schedule in another tab to help decide which games your group can earn money from.

You can sign up using a Calendar here by clicking on the Game then on “Sign Up” for the function you are interested in covering.  Click on “Game Details” for all volunteer details.


You can sign up using a list by Game Time here by clicking on the link to “View Game & Sign Up”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.